Carve Communications is a Miami-based PR agency that exists at the intersection of technological innovation and real life. 

Our focus is on generating awareness, driving engagement and fostering activation for our clients through media relations, thought leadership, social media and digital marketing strategies. 

Success is achieved by remaining true to our clients objectives, by creating a clear and concise narrative, by using creativity to uncover new media opportunities and by never settling. 

The agency’s greatest assets are its leadership, entrepreneurial flexibility and experience working with global brands and startups alike.



   David Barkoe    Founder

David Barkoe Founder

   Moon Vitiello  Founder

Moon Vitiello Founder

   Lorin Munchick  Partner Engagement

Lorin Munchick Partner Engagement

  Scott Goldberg  Senior Outreach Specialist

Scott Goldberg Senior Outreach Specialist

  Michelle Madonna  Account Coordinator

Michelle Madonna Account Coordinator

   Alessandra Gonzales  Account Director

Alessandra Gonzales Account Director

  Andrew Ryan  Content Creator

Andrew Ryan Content Creator



When client needs arise that extend beyond media and influencer outreach, we can activate cross-discipline partners who are best of breed.