Lockly is transforming the industry by revolutionizing the way we secure our homes, offices and personal belongings. Tugging at the heart strings of those that worry most about what just might happen, over the course of the last 6 months, Carve has successfully positioned Lockly as the smartest smart lock on the market today.

Competition is fierce. There are several trusted and dominant names in the smart lock category, many of which consumers grew up with, and as a result have significant brand loyalty towards. At the same time, there is an audience of consumers that shy away from smart locks due to unfamiliarity, question their reliability and a general concern of connected technologies as a whole. Carve was tasked with creating an unparalleled level of comfort with consumers by educating and informing them on the benefits of a Lockly smart lock. The goal: to generate brand awareness for Lockly by securing a combination of product reviews, category round-ups and gift guide features with technology reporters, lifestyle influencers, and business outlets that positions the company as an industry disruptor, and tells the narrative that Lockly is a necessity for a safe and secure home.

Carve strategically utilized the high-impact media show known as the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular as the official launch event, creating hands-on opportunities for more than 100 media and influencers. This was followed by a private suite experience at CES 2019 for the unveiling of Lockly’s Secure Pro Line, where the company personally introduced its premium unit (connecting to Virtual Assistants such as Alexa and Google Home) to more than 300 tier-one media.

Over the course of six months, Carve has successfully secured more than 200 placements totaling billions of impressions to date, including feature product reviews within high value target media such as ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX networks, MSN, Engadget, Cheddar, Yahoo Finance, CNET and more. In addition to the coverage, as a result of the awareness that has been built, Lockly has secured its first major national brick and mortar retail availability within 700 Lowe’s home improvement stores.