Carve was recently tasked with launching the Nurture by Imalac, the world's first hands-free breast massage system for nursing moms at CES 2019. With a modest budget, our vision was to make history at CES. Knowing we would be in front of the biggest names in tech, business and consumer media, and that the audience is predominantly male, our goal was to organize a socially conscious stunt that the show had never seen before. We wanted to create something memorable, not controversial and remain authentic to the brand. For the first time ever at CES -- it's true, confirmed by show organizers -- we hosted a live demonstration of two nursing moms massaging and pumping breast milk with Nurture. We wanted to break the stigma and normalize breastfeeding in public.

The tactics were simple...execute an aggressive media outreach inviting all attending media at CES to witness history in the making. We intentionally partnered with a local advocacy group, the Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition, to manage cost, convenience and accessibility (for both our client and the moms). We secured two nursing moms to participate in a live demo and wear the Nurture massage system to pump at the Imalac booth. In collaboration with a booth designer, we created a relaxing environment for the moms to feel comfortable and safe.

Additionally, we drafted and disseminated the launch press release under embargo to all relevant press beyond CES media in a variety of verticals (specifically targeting Imalac's primary audience...moms) for coverage. Yes, the goal was to secure coverage for the stunt itself, however, the long-term goal was/is to build brand recognition. Due to the start up’s limited PR budget, our main and only task was to implement a traditional media outreach plan. In less than 72 hours, we secured 170 media placements, including CNN, Wired, Engadget and Fortune, generating more that 3 billion impressions for Imalac. More importantly, we did our "small" part to help change the conversation around breastfeeding and build brand awareness for our client.