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Winning at PR with a sustainable mindset

Winning at PR with a Sustainable Mindset

In any PR agency/client relationship, the most exciting time is launch or big announcement time.

Everybody is excited -- the client, the media, the client’s mother, partners, investors, etc. Launch day comes and coverage is rolling in and the client sees a huge spike in traffic and awareness and inbound emails and calls and messages.  

Hockey stick is in full effect.

But then...two days, two weeks, two months later…all is quiet. 

The excitement has worn off. The launch is behind everybody.  What’s next?

The PR firm keeps asking the client “what’s next?”  

The client asks the PR firm “what’s next.?”

The PR firm keeps sending the bill.  

The client asks themselves “what are we paying for now?”

This is a common problem we hear from many of our clients who come to Carve from other agencies. Their launches are great, but then they don’t see anything after. 

The problem is they, and their agency, are not operating with a mindset of sustainability. 

Launches are just moments in time. Instances that we prepare diligently for, and expend lots of time and energy on, to generate coverage and drive significant awareness. But again, they are just moments in time. Or as I like to call them, tentpoles.  

All campaigns and all clients have tentpoles, whether they are launches, funding announcements, partnership announcements, new hires, awards, events, etc. Each of these tentpoles are great and vital to executing a successful PR campaign.  

But again, these tentpoles are just moments in time. It’s the time and space in between the tentpoles that is even more important. 

This is where the real work of PR is done to find new and unique opportunities that aren’t known or obvious but need to be uncovered. Identify industry trends that you client can latch on to.  Engage with reporters you’ve never spoken to before. Find a thought leadership opportunity or contributing quote opportunity. Podcasts, YouTubers and other new forms of media that drive awareness. 

Practicing sustainable PR may be easier when you’re a big brand with lots of stuff in the pipeline or even a growth stage company with a decent marketing budget and activity stream. In our world, sometimes clients don't have a full pipeline of activity but still need effective PR to help them achieve their ongoing goals. 

We’ve worked with clients where we only had 1 launch announcement but kept that client for the long term because we constantly found ways to keep the client in the news and on the radar screen of the media by looking for new opportunities.  By thinking sustainably. 

A sustainable business is built on sustainable awareness amongst your target audiences. There is no better or more cost effective way to do that than through PR, media relations and earned media. 

David Barkoe