Carve’s Guide to CES

What to Expect at CES?

What to Expect at CES?

As we previously discussed, CES can be an exhilarating and overwhelming experience at the same time.  The days are long, your feet hurt and its Vegas so you know you’re going to have some fun along the way.  These are the things you can easily expect.  

Beyond the fun and excitement, it’s also important to have a clear set of expectations for the business side of CES and that starts with understanding who’ll you’ll meet while at the show.  

CES attendees are a diverse group from around the world including media, retailers, partners, distributors, influencers, competitors, analysts, and more. It’s a whirlwind of conversations, interviews, quick hellos, handshakes and hopefully, deals.

But with this wide variety of audiences, you also need to expect and be prepared to have different conversations with each. A retailer who stops by your booth is going to have a very different set of questions about your product than a distributor. The media, who are looking for the hottest products, will want to know why and how your product is different and unique from others in the same category in the same sector. Analysts are taking a long-tail view of the CE industry. 

Overall, the biggest thing to expect is that the value proposition of your product matters more than the features.  Everything you say in a two minute conversation at your booth and and every asset you share for someone to take back to their office has to clearly and concisely answer the question of Why.  Why did you create this product. Why should a consumer buy it? How will it make their life easier or better? Why should a reporter feature your product on their national morning show vs. your competitor.  

You haven’t just created a commoditized item, you’ve created a product that is special and unique in its own way. Yes, it has great features. But highlighting who uses it and the way it is used is where the true value of your product lies. 

Value is everything.

Lorin Munchick