Carve’s Guide to CES


What Does a PR Home Run Look Like at CES?

CES is not just an event, it’s an experience. The biggest CE brands in the world spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, to showcase their latest innovations.  

That being said, most companies participating in CES, including many of our clients, are startup or growth stage brands that don’t have six or seven figure event activation budgets. 

Not having a large budget doesn’t prevent a proverbial home run at CES, elevating your brand above the noise. There are countless brands, large and small, who have executed unique, viral and newsworthy activations at CES without breaking the bank. 

But every PR home run we’ve seen at CES over the years have had a few key elements which you should consider while concepting for Vegas this year…

  1. Make it Visual - Whether you’re showcasing your products in your booth or hosting an event in a hotel room, you not only have to put the spotlight on the product itself, you have to create a compelling visual that clearly illustrates how the product is used.

  2. Value - Your product is not only comprised of features. It has real, intrinsic value to the consumer. Ensure you talk about, illustrate and demonstrate the value proposition as much as possible and in most cases, even more than the features.

  3. Shock Factor - Don’t be afraid to shock people, smartly. Do something people won’t expect. Demonstrate your product in a way people wouldn’t expect. Create an experience that you wouldn’t expect to see at a consumer technology trade show. 

In the accompanying video, we highlight three PR home runs from last year at CES. These were from wildly diverse players within the consumer tech universe. One of these is an activation we at Carve created and executed for a start up brand launching a crowdfunding campaign. Another was from a global CE brand with virtually unlimited resources, and the third was from a well funded startup involving CPG marketing legends that was a unique food play.  But as varying as each of these instances were, they all had one thing in common that hit it out of the park. Each focused on the unique value proposition of their product which helped them rise above the noise and garner massive media and attendee attention.

Click here for a case study based on the Imalac CES experience.

Lorin Munchick