Carve’s Guide to CES

Nine Things You Need to be Thinking About for CES Right Now

CES is the Super Bowl, World Series and World Cup Finals rolled up into an exciting, action packed, exhausting and potentially lucrative week in Sin City.

More than 175,000 people descend on Las Vegas to see and experience the newest and most innovative consumer electronics from around the world.

The media, more than 6,300 of them from 75 countries, look at CES as the beacon of what is hot and new in tech and innovation to the tune of 225,000 stories out of a single week in early January.

If you have a new product, whether you’re a startup based out of a WeWork or one of the world’s biggest CE titans, and you want to get it in the hands of a consumer, then CES is the place to be.

But you can’t just show up to CES and expect to rise above the noise and have your product or brand noticed. You need to start planning now.

The Carve Communications team has attended CES for 15 consecutive years, representing hundreds of companies and securing thousands of placements in media outlets worldwide. The biggest lesson of all from our experiences is that you have to prepare as early as possible to maximize the value of your investment in CES. To that end, we’ve put together this list of 9 things you need to think about right now to get your company ready for CES 2020…

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